Jacky Bourseul

Geachte gemeente Den Haag,( wethouder Revis), Mw. M. Dijkstra,

Let me give you the opinion of a ( french ) expat living in The Hague for a long time.
The attractivity of a city is not measured by the kilometers of asfalt in the woods and the number of restrictions imposed on dog owners or the pollution generated by disturbing and unnecessary lights or ” bords ” . Having lived and worked in many cities around the world (including Paris), let me tell you that what makes ” Den Haag ” special is this rare combination of pure nature in the city and the conveniences of a medium size town. It should be preserved at all cost, not slowly but surely destroyed!

Oh, oh, Den Haag, mooie stad achter de duinen !

Furthermore, I have noticed that the perimeter of the so called “Internationaal Park” includes the communal graveyard and the St Petrus banden. I found such annexation absolutely distastefull and offensive. Are these places going to become part of a tourist attraction park? Are there more trees to be cut and asfalt to be laid down there? If not, I suggest that these places be removed from the grandiose map and plans of the “Internationaal Park” !

It goes beyond my understanding that one ” civil servant ” could dismiss the concerns of so many with an outrageous ” Pech ” !

Met vriendelijke groet,


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